Eriacta is available in the form of tablets.

June, 2016

How dangerous herpes during pregnancy

Herpes during pregnancy – a dangerous complication caused by the herpes simplex virus. The appearance on the mucous membranes, skin blisters and sores evidence of its presence in the body. Having herpes during pregnancy, as well as other undesirable infection.

Assays for sexual infections

Assays for sexual infections In life, people might be many situations when it is necessary urgently to be tested for sexual infections. Most often, the same situations include casual sex without using a condom, however, possible household way of infection.


 Cystostomy – a special tube is administered directly into the bladder through the abdominal wall for direct output of urine from the bladder to a urine collection bag, which is a special bag.


The normal amount of daily urine output of 1500 ml. If the amount of daily urine is reduced to 400-500 ml, then this condition is called oliguria. The reason is to reduce oliguria filtration processes or increased reabsorption of urine in the kidney, i.e. oliguria it occurs due to urine production abuse disorders or urinary More


Circumcision (circumcision) – a surgical procedure aimed at the removal of the foreskin as a religious considerations (Muslims, Jews), and for medical reasons. Some men, especially in tropical countries, circumcision is carried out in order to avoid the accumulation of pathogenic micro-organisms under the foreskin and prevent the development of infection.