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Catarrhal angina

Catarrhal angina

Catarrhal angina in children is often not diagnosed during and within 1-4 days passes into purulent processes on the tonsils or it passes by itself with strong immunity of the child. When infected with bacteria (staphylococci, streptococcus or pneumococcus), inflammatory changes occur on the tonsils. If their concentration is not large enough, the tonsils become swollen, red and painful, but without purulent incrustation.


  • Signs of the development of the catarrhal process in the tonsils:
  • pain in the throat
  • crying and anxiety (in young children)
  • a decrease in appetite, a slight weakness in the body.
  • In rare cases, the body temperature can reach 37.5 ° C.

Treatment of catarrhal sinus in children:

Catarrhal angina in children requires treatment, in order to prevent the development of more severe forms of the disease. First of all, this is compliance with bed rest or decreased activity of the child (go for a period of treatment for more quiet games). You also need a generous drink (warm tea, milk, juices, meat broths, fruit drinks). This helps prevent intoxication.


The drug of choice in any case is an antibiotic, because the source of infection are bacteria. The course of treatment in this case should be minimal (3-5 days). At any age (up to 18 years) with angina appoint drugs from the group:

Local means are obligatory:

Rinsing (solution of furacilin, solutions of soda and hydrogen peroxide, Stomatidin);

Sprays for irrigation of the throat (Jox, Stopangin, Givalex, Aqua Maris, Ingalipt);
Tablets for resorption with an antiseptic (Decatalene, Tharyngept, Trachsian, Sepptelet, Strepsils).

Treatment of catarrhal sinus in children under one year old:

Treatment for children under the age of 1 year, practically does not differ from the treatment of adult children. Antibiotic is given depending on the body weight of the baby with special measuring spoons or dosing syringes.

Sprays, rinses and pills do not fit for baby. There is a risk of asphyxia (suffocation) or drug overdose. You can lubricate the throat (tonsils) with a solution of Lugol or Furacilin, wrapping a little gauze on the finger.

Treatment with folk remedies:

One of the means of traditional medicine, which went into everyday use appointments of each doctor – is gargling with the broths of herbs (chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, sage). Also good and quickly helps to get rid of inflammation and sore throat decoctions of raspberries and blackberries (mix in equal quantities fruits of raspberries and blackberries, 30 g pour a glass of boiling water for 30 minutes, strain and take 1 glass 1-3 times a day). Other recipes of traditional medicine.

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