Eriacta is available in the form of tablets.

Diet with gastritis with high acidity

Gastritis with high acidity – inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach due to a violation of the secretory function of this organ.

Diet with gastritis with high acidity

  • This can happen due to internal factors (metabolic disorders, genetic disorders or chronic infection occur) or under the influence of external conditions (irritation with tobacco smoke, alcohol, overeating, poisoning, daily consumption of excessively acute and hot food).
    Even if a person does not succumb to the temptation of bad habits and avoids sharp, fatty dishes, it is difficult enough for him to keep his stomach healthy.
  • After all, today we get the substitutes for butter and sour cream, artificially created sausages and a number of other products prepared with the predominant share of soy. On the shelves of modern supermarkets there is no product that does not contain a whole list of flavors and preservatives.

The situation is aggravated also by the fact that these already unreliable products are eaten in a hurry, in a dry-sink, and in huge quantities. If this list of unpleasant factors completes the nervous breakdowns of stress, the verdict is ready – gastritis with increased acidity.

Now there are a number of medications that can help get rid of the disease. But in fact so it would not be desirable to throw in already “damaged” stomach of a handful of tablets. In addition, previously gastritis with high acidity of the stomach was cured solely with the help of diets. Therefore, first of all, when reading such a diagnosis, you should reconsider your diet and make some changes to it.

The list of foodstuffs allowed and forbidden in gastritis

  • Vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. With gastritis with high acidity, cooked and mashed to a consistency of puree are allowed such vegetables: potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, beets. In small quantities, green peas are allowed, processed and crushed to a mushy state, as well as untreated early pumpkins and zucchini, non-acidic tomatoes (up to 100 grams).

Nutrition with gastritis with high acidity

  • Prohibited with increased acidity: any pickled, pickled or salted vegetables, vegetable preserves, mushrooms, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, turnips and radishes. I’ll have to give up sorrel and spinach.
  • Soups are very useful in all diseases of the digestive system. In gastritis with high acidity, the soup-puree from the pureed permitted vegetables listed above is especially beneficial on the stomach. Soups are prepared on carrot or potato broth.
  • Mashed soups of mashed vegetables, cooked on milk, are welcomed. Dairy soups with the addition of pasta and well-brewed cereals (for example, rice, buckwheat, oats) will also be useful. Soups can be filled with cream, butter or egg-milk mixture and sprinkled with finely chopped dill.

It is forbidden to eat meat, fish, mushroom broths, milky soups and spicy soups.

  • Bakery products are allowed in the diet of the patient. The same soups can make a company of slices of wheat bread from flour of the highest or 1st grade. At the same time bread should be “resting”: it should be yesterday or slightly dried.
  • Do not hurt the dry biscuit and cookies. Occasionally you can indulge yourself with baked pies with apples or jam, as well as stuffing in the form of boiled meat or fish and eggs. Harmless with gastritis will be a cheesecake with cottage cheese and buns.

It is forbidden to accompany meals with any fresh bread and especially rye. Products made of puff and dough are excluded.

  • Meat and poultry can be present in the diet menu with a gastritis with high acidity. But the variety should be chosen low-fat, with the bird before cooking to remove the skin. The patient can eat boiled and steamed dishes from chicken meat, turkey, edged pork, beef, young lean lamb.
  • Veal and rabbit are allowed only in boiled form. Varied menu will help steam cutlets, zrazy, chops, beef stroganoff from boiled meat. Boiled meat of the above species, as well as the tongue and liver can be baked in the oven after boiling.

It is forbidden to fatty or wiry varieties of meat and poultry, meat smoked products and canned food.

  • It is inadmissible to introduce duck and goose meat into the patient’s diet.
    Fish is also selected low-fat varieties: cod, hake, pollock, blue whiting, river perch, bream, pike, pike perch, vobla, flounder, mullet. Such fish can be consumed by first removing the skin and boiling in water or steam.
  • It is forbidden to eat fatty species of fish, as well as any kind of canned fish. Fish should be excluded from the diet in salty and smoked form.
  • Cereals can be used as a side dish or as a main course. With gastritis with high acidity it is possible to weld (on water or milk – it does not matter) semolina porridge, buckwheat, oatmeal and rice. Of these cereals, in addition to porridges, puddings, chops and steam souffles are prepared.

Prohibited such porridge: pearl barley, barley, millet.

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