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Genital itching, what is it?

Genital itching, what is it?

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genital itching genital itching – this is a very unpleasant condition, accompanied by a wide variety of emotional color from shades of minor irritation and discomfort, to severe depression.

  • Itching genitals very common worldwide, but is more common in women than in men.
  • Itching of the genitals in women

   Most often, genital pruritus in women occurs due to the following reasons:

  1. Diseases of the female organs: irritation of the mucous membranes of the uterus or secretions from the vagina that has fallen urine during urination, etc.
  2. Other diseases: endocrine disorders (diabetes, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), diseases of the blood.
  3. Impact on the psyche: stress, fear and some other negative emotions.
  4. External influences: hypothermia, or mechanical irritation of chemicals, contact with allergens, pollution of the genital area, the infection.

In young women the cause of the itch is most often candidiasis (thrush) and vulvovaginal. In women, after 40 years the cause of itching genitals must first seek internal organs and various chronic diseases in the pathology (eg, diabetes mellitus). For the period of menopause is most typical genital itching due to a sharp deficit of female sex hormones.

The nature of itching in women can be quite varied: periodic, constant, painful, intense, weak, etc. In general, characterized by a strengthening in the night time. Often accompanied by itching genital trauma to the mucosa (scratches, cracks), and the subsequent inflammation, which may itself exacerbate itch.

Itching of the genitals in men

   In men, genital itching occurs very rarely and may occur in the following cases:

  • allergy to contraceptive drugs and means of intimate hygiene, which are used by
  • the partner during sexual intimacy;
  • prostatitis;
  • candidiasis of the glans penis (thrush);
  • vesicles;
  • poor hygiene;

Other reasons.

Itching genitals: a possible solution to the problem

   In case of itching of genitals should consult the following specialists:

  • The gynecologist (for women), a urologist or andrologist (for men)
  • Dermatologist;
  • If necessary, it will be to visit the profiles of other specialists (infectious disease specialist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, etc.) for the final diagnosis of the cause of the itch is necessary.
  • Treatment of genital itching itching genitals complex, aims to eliminate the cause of the itch (for example, the treatment of candidiasis, the removal of local inflammation). If the cause can not be eliminated, then the prescribed panacea to the general condition and relieve itching: drugs female hormones during menopause, pain killers and anti-inflammatory agents in diabetes, procaine blockade.

Local widely used bath with camomile broth, cream and ointment with anesthetic properties, as well as containing female or male sex hormones. Not the least role in the treatment of itching of genitals play a healthy lifestyle (avoiding the use of products that enhance mucosal irritation of the genitalia), thoroughly intimate hygiene.

Men struggle with itching genitals includes the treatment of prostatitis, with the removal of inflammation of the penis head mucous membranes, etc. If allergies are assigned appropriate antihistamines.

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