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Headache during pregnancy

Quite often, the problem to which expectant mothers complain to his doctor – a headache. As a rule, it appears either in early pregnancy, that is, in the first trimester, or the end. In most cases, it is not dangerous, if not accompanied by other symptoms, but more tests will never be over.

Fundamentally different two kinds of headaches in pregnancy: “tension headache” and migraine.

  • For the first is characterized by a strong feeling of tightness (how-to hoop), extending to the entire surface of the head, but more often in the neck. Its causes – psycho-emotional stress, fatigue, overexertion of muscles of the neck.
  • Migraines have other causes, and some characteristic differences: it is paroxysmal throbbing pain in one (left or right) side of the head, accompanied by nausea, photophobia, weakness and sometimes vomiting. It almost always has a trigger factor, which begins after the action attack.
  • Causes of migraine is associated with changes in vascular tone of the head that occurs due to hormonal changes in the female body. Triggering factor may make stress, anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep, or a surplus, bright light, sudden change in the weather, bad habits as smoking or loud noises.

Some experts also point to future mothers and the fact that migraine often occurs due to improper diet and eating foods that can cause seizures. These should include a strong tea and coffee, citrus fruits and canned food, sodas and red wine.

The third and most serious cause of headache in the later stages can be pre-eclampsia – a condition in which blood pressure rises and disturbs the work of the cardiovascular system.

How to ease the headache expectant mother?

When a person is worried about the headache, the first and almost the only one thought in mind – to get rid of it. Some medicines “from the head” are acceptable and pregnant, but first must try non-pharmacological means. Especially because taking a pill, you eliminate only a symptom, not a cause, which often lies in the stress and strain state of the organism. Now therefore:

  1. Try to relax and think only about good things. Complete rest, quiet music, walking in the fresh air and a good night’s sleep – that’s what helps get rid of stress state. For many it is very difficult to do, if so – could help a specially designed program for relaxation. Find this may, for example, in the center for pregnant or buy a CD recording.
  2. Refer to the specialist massage and osteopathy. If the cause of the headache – in muscle tension, these tools can work wonders. In addition, the doctor will tell you the basic exercises that you can do yourself at home.
  3. Eat well and regularly! Every pregnant woman must necessarily qualitatively and fully fed, your diet dividing into small portions, which are best to use often, but slowly. In the case where there is no opportunity to go home for lunch or dinner, you can take on the road with something a snack, such as fruit or biscuits. Hunger is a very negative impact on the head!
  4. Do gymnastics for pregnant women on a regular basis. Most experts strongly believes that regular exercise is great help for pregnant women to get rid of many problems, including headaches, caused by strong tension and stress. During the lessons normalized blood sugar, respiratory rhythm is restored, can be completely rid of breathlessness.
    Take a warm or cold compress. Apply to the affected area thick cloth, pre-soaking it in water the right temperature. When migraine often effective warm compresses, and for tension headaches – cold at the base of the neck.
  5. Take a cool shower or contrast. This method is one of the most effective in the fight against severe migraine. It allows you to quickly expand blood vessels and get relief.

Can I take a tablet from the head during pregnancy?

  • Sure, there are safe medications. But do not throw them at the first opportunity – they take only a symptom, while the cause of the pain remains. Before taking better to consult a doctor.
  • The safest medicine for headaches during pregnancy – paracetamol – is allowed on any terms, provided that you do not exceed the dose. In large doses, acetaminophen can be dangerous, so even with severe pain do not take it for more than 3 grams per day (6 tablets of 500 mg). For the same reason you should not take acetaminophen for more than 3 days in a row without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Nurofen has another anti-pain mechanism and may be effective for headache. It can be used during pregnancy, but not later than 30 weeks, because of the timing of it could trigger early closure of the ductus arteriosus in the fetus and the disruption of his heart and lungs. The daily dose should not exceed 3 g in divided doses. Receiving more than 3 days can only be prescribed by a doctor.
  • Any combination tablets of the head, such as Pentalgin, Tempalgin and others. Pregnancy should be avoided. In addition to the main active ingredient they contain additives that can adversely affect the fetus. Protivomigrenoznye strictly contraindicated drugs based triptan (sumatriptan etc.), Since they have a pronounced effect abortifacient.

When to see a doctor?

Headache in late pregnancy may be a sign of high blood pressure. This is a very dangerous condition, combined with the appearance of protein in the urine, it is called pre-eclampsia. You must immediately consult your doctor and begin treatment of hypertension.

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