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Doctors say – headache can not be tolerated. However, to alleviate the suffering, it is necessary to find the cause.

This neurologists believe that the source of the problem is in the brain, physicians – that it in the vessels, and all psychotherapists blamed on stress.

Do doctors have a concept – “Helmet neurotic” or “tension headache.”

  • This is the unpleasant sensations that occur as a result of increased muscle tone in the neck and scalp for a long time. The cause of this disease, as a rule, physical fatigue and emotional distress, sometimes cause excessive smoking and even clips or earrings that put pressure on certain points on the ear.
  • “Helmet neurotic” is usually bilateral, different dull, monotonous nature of diffuse pain, like squeezing a skull hoop. It is episodic – at least 15 days a month and chronic – more than 15 days per month for six months. Specialists has been observed that this “headdress” most patients are prone to assess the negative life events, ie hardened pessimists. In this case, the pain is a bodily expression of anxiety, a manifestation of accumulated experiences and complexes. This problem can be eliminated by natural sedatives (chamomile tea, tincture of peony, passionflower) and autogenous training. Well helps self-massage of the head: it removes the most muscular tension – the cause of discomfort. There’s even a technique – “combing” headache massage brush. At the same time the blood circulation increases and the muscles relax. Restores normal blood circulation.

What to do:

  • Massage your fingertips sharp pencil. Find the most painful point, and press it (a kind of home reflexology). Good help breathing exercises and aromatherapy. Try a 5-10 minute warm bath for the feet or hands. Instead, the water treatments can be put on his forehead pressed hot towel massage the neck and shoulders, drink green tea (without chocolate and sweets).

Insidious vessels:

The cause of a headache can be a spasm or vasodilatation. Most often, this problem is concerned about those who lead a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. Another category of accidents, suffering from such headaches – sick vascular dystonia and osteochondrosis. In this state split the entire head at once. Pain pulsed nature “knocking on the temples’ face looks puffy, general broken. Those who are susceptible to this illness, discomfort aggravated by changes in the weather and a few days before menstruation. During pregnancy, the frequency of headaches reduced or they stop completely, but, unfortunately, resumed after the birth, as soon as the period ends breast-feeding a baby. In this case, home remedies do not help. We need medicines, stabilizing blood vessels and relieves spasms (stugeron or no-spa).

What to do:

a little to ease the pain can be wet compresses – hot, if the person during a seizure pale and cold, if it is red. Well helps head and neck massage. As a precaution pains are caused by blood vessels, experts recommend swimming. Fans of the popular methods of treatment using herbal preparations containing hawthorn, cudweed, Melissa. But to get involved in coffee, and preparations with caffeine in this case it is not necessary.

The monster called “Migraine”:

The term “migraine” was introduced another Roman physician Galen. It is a complex disease, whose main symptom is bouts of unbearable pain in one half of severely head. Doctors associated with this pathology in violation of serotonin – a substance involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. By the way, women are more likely to suffer from migraine. If your mother most of her life suffered due to unbearable headaches, most likely, and you expect a similar fate. Because migraine is usually inherited. The situation is compounded if you’re driving the wrong lifestyle, smoke, drink, move a little, and rarely in the air.

First headaches can occur in childhood.

The full they appear to 25-40 years. An attack can last from 4 hours to 3 days, accompanied by nausea, sometimes vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound. He is often preceded by special effects such as flickering flashes of light followed by “a veil before the eyes,” narrowing of the field of view, a split image.

What to do:

in the first phase of migraine used vasodilators: Dibazolum with papaverine, nicotinic acid, trental, stugeron. The second – a vasoconstrictor: ergot medicines. During the attack need to rest in a darkened room, as well as gentle massage or a warm bath for the hands with essential oils of lavender, lemon, peppermint, marjoram.

“Wrong” Food:

Scientists have recently found that the headache may be a satellite of food intolerance of some products. The reason – in substances that affect the blood vessels. First of all it tyramine, which is found in chocolate, cheese long aging, yogurt, sour cream, salt or pickled fish, canned seafood (crab, shrimp), smoked meats, sausages, as well as all varieties of beer. This substance is insidious in that it increases the number of products in long term storage.

Another element, which causes the so-called frankfurter headache – sodium nitrate. And MSG found in many dishes and sauces of Chinese food is a source of malaise with the sonorous name “headache Chinese restaurant.” If you’re not a fan of oriental cuisine, do not hurry to rejoice. Since this substance can be encountered in bouillon cubes, potato and corn chips, crackers flavored and in some dry soups.

Special attention is given caffeine.

It is interesting that it causes no discomfort with his presence and absence – the so-called rebound headache. In this case, people are suffering due to lack of your favorite coffee, tea or cola. Sharp rejection of these drinks is accompanied by throbbing headaches in the temporal areas of weakness, irritation, distraction, anxiety, fear, sleep disturbance and nausea.

What to do:

a prerequisite for recovery is a diet. Switch to diet, eliminating the use of hazardous products. Great effects have herbal medicine, methods of cleansing the body and kinesiotherapy (a special method of physical therapy).

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