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How dangerous herpes during pregnancy

Herpes during pregnancy – a dangerous complication caused by the herpes simplex virus. The appearance on the mucous membranes, skin blisters and sores evidence of its presence in the body. Having herpes during pregnancy, as well as other undesirable infection.

Herpes during pregnancy – the risk

herpes in pregnancy modern high-tech medicine can not completely cure this disease. Once one person inside, the virus stays there forever. So, if before pregnancy in women were manifestations of the disease, then this should tell your doctor.

Doctors are two types of herpes during pregnancy:

  • The first type of virus is transmitted gerpes simplex contact, airborne droplets. It affects the body located above the waist – the lips, mouth, facial skin, sometimes on the body.
  • The second type – genital.

The name speaks for itself. Sexually transmitted, it is more dangerous to the health of the future baby.

Herpes during pregnancy at an early stage mom brings more inconvenience than a child. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of spontaneous abortion.

At a later date, even the first type of herpes can cause the development of various malformations, fetal brain damage. Moreover, the primary infection to the child’s mother is more dangerous. Recurrent herpes option during pregnancy is accompanied by the presence of specific antibodies in women’s blood. They will protect the baby from harm.

Besides the danger of intrauterine infection, herpes during pregnancy can cause infection of the baby during the birth process, especially if the mother has genital herpes.

Herpes during pregnancy: treatment

Cure yourself rashes can be a medication, and folk remedies. They are selected individually. Even choosing a harmless way of traditional medicine for the treatment of pregnant women is best to consult with your doctor. These popular tools like aloe, kalanchoe or golden mustache can trigger allergies.

   Here are some popular remedies that treated herpes during pregnancy:

Also offered pharmacies special ointments, creams, sticks, used oxolinic ointment.
Oil of sea buckthorn, wild rose. You can make your own oil to calendula flowers, herbs – plantain, yarrow, St. John’s wort, etc.

Applying leaf aloe, kalanchoe, golden whiskers also help eliminate herpes during pregnancy. Successfully used regular toothpaste, goose fat, even the sulfur from the ears. The latter method does not sound appealing, but it is effective. Use the ointment on the basis of antibiotics without prior medical advice to pregnant women is not recommended.

The main thing during the treatment – a high frequency applying means (6-8 times). Very good effect can be achieved by alternating them. For example, after an aloe leaf make ointments. Before applying the next portion of the drug, the remnants of the old, you can remove the gauze pad soaked in a weak solution of iodine salt. Do not rush to clean the skin with dried crust.

   Through external treatment, you need to remember that the virus is inside the body. To achieve the status of its passivity helps plenty of warm drinks – juices, infusions and decoctions of herbs, milk.

In the absence of positive dynamics within a week you need to consult a dermatologist, as this may be a sign of more serious diseases.

Herpes during pregnancy – prevention

   Passionless statistics show that the majority of infections occur due to the neglect of simple rules of hygiene:

  • Hand wash should be not only the food, but also at the entrance to the house, especially after public transport, visiting hospitals, shops.
  • Communication with persons ill with herpes during pregnancy should be kept to a minimum. In the event of a disease in a family member to comply with stringent safety precautions – masks, personal utensils, lack of contact (touch hands, kissing).

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