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Make your lashes better!

Fluffy, thick dark lashes that look perfect without make-up – that’s the result of eyelash extension procedure. However, to this effect is to please you as long as possible, be sure to familiarize yourself with simple rules care of lashes.

Precautions immediately after the procedure:

In the first 24 hours after the increase is necessary to avoid direct contact with water.
In the first 48 hours, you can not go to the bath, and a solarium, as it is not necessary to carry out any procedures associated with high humidity and temperature.

Caring for lashes:

Avoid touching your eyes smaller and do not rub them. Lashes may be damaged or break that spoil their appearance. In any case it is necessary to minimize the contact of eyes with his hands, and if you do you need to, for example, to insert the lens, be sure to follow the cleanliness of hands.

Avoid the use of greasy cosmetics or products containing oil. It is known that fats are the main enemies of the adhesive for eyelashes, because they glue loses its properties and eyelashes may simply fall away. So, for washing, you can apply the gel of water-based.

Try to sleep and not lie face in the pillow.

Do not use mascara. Most often lashes do not require tinting, but if you do decide to use ink, you need to choose a water-based mascara, which is applied to the eyelashes from the middle to the ends. Waterproof mascara lashes hurt, especially by means of its removal.

Make timely correction – about once every three weeks.

Do not use tools for twisting eyelashes, it can lead to peeling of extension of cilia.

Methods of promoting the conservation of the appearance of lashes:

Brush mascara you might find useful in order to maintain a neat appearance of their cilia. You can use it to eliminate the bonding, fluff up the eyelashes. Of course, you need to use it carefully, without touching the lash line.

You can use special tools that are able to protect the adhesive from the negative effects of the environment.

There are also special nutritional tonics to strengthen and support the health of the natural eyelashes. They have a thin brush, so that they can accurately strike at the lash line. On these tools, you can read on the Internet or ask your master Eyelash.

In any case, the lashes are not complicate the daily care and does not require special additional procedures. So do not think that the new cilia require a lot of trouble. I recommend to read more >>> whether to build lashes?

If you comply with all the simple guidelines for care, your lashes will delight you with its beautiful appearance 2-4 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the growth rate of your natural lashes and the quality of the procedure (master skills and the quality of materials). On average, three weeks later you will either have to undergo correction procedure, or Removal of extension lashes. If you hesitate whether to do extensions – I advise to look photos of eyelash extensions, and doubts will go away once and for all.

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