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Sexual Health

For most people, the more healthy lifestyles, sexual health the subject of special care and constant anxiety. This is understandable, since it guarantees the lion’s share of the pleasures of life and the ability to have a family, which is the basis for a happy life.

Healthy lifestyle – many people mistakenly believe that the main purpose of maintaining sexual health – preservation of reproductive function. Quality of life.

  • In fact, the ultimate goal of this area of ​​life is the quality of life and family relationships. But their level is largely determined by the possibility of a regular, confidently and with full satisfaction to lead the sex life and the ability to naturally produce offspring in the desired quantity.
  • Caring about people’s sexual health, usually dealing with the reproductive system. However, this component of a healthy lifestyle also includes a lot of aspects- psychological and social: the ability to feel, to experience emotions, self-improvement, to support his family, to take care of its members, the desire to have children. These aspects also need to be addressed in full.

One of the features of human sexuality is that the psychological aspects associated with the implementation of sexual desire in their minds are separated from the original purpose, that is, of procreation.

  • This created the possibility in principle of transformation of animal sexual needs of human love, which is related to sexual function, but not tough. Human love is not just a tool or a means of procreation psychological relaxation, but also gives a sense of kinship, intimacy, harmony, security, stability, integrity without which a healthy lifestyle is difficult.
  • Unfortunately, this feature also follows and the variety of forms of human sexuality, often leading to a loss of sexual health and preventing healthy lifestyle. Among the people widespread substitute forms of sex when the orgasm is caused by self-satisfaction (masturbation) or by using aids. Moreover man is capable eroticize that is meaningful to do sexually virtually any real or imaginary object, and in this way to get sexual pleasure.

A special place in the sexual sphere occupies homosexuality.

  • Modern psychology says that man is born with a certain sexual preference and standard or non-standard sexual orientation can not be changed. Established medical or life circumstances artificial sexual orientation is unstable. If one of the man returns to the realization of their innate sexual desires. The pressure of society on people with different sexual orientation increases the number of alcoholics, drug addicts, sectarian fanatics, the mentally ill and unstable families and children growing up in single-parent families. On this basis in 1990, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.
    However, this feature limits the sexual behavior of a natural human desire to breed, bringing to the fore the mental aspects of sexual life, the pursuit of love and sexual satisfaction. Therefore, in the everyday sense to consider such people sexual health can only with reservations.
  • Another thing is whether or not to accept them as full members of society? In this regard, today the view of residents of different countries is significantly different. Ahead of the planet Spain and Sweden (for which 85% of the population), as well as most other Western European countries. The opposite position is taken by Mali and Egypt (1%), and almost all the other countries in Africa. In Russia a positive answer to this question gives about 20% of the population.

The important issue of sexual health – sexual activity.

In man, as in animals, the characteristic lies at the genetic level. In addition, the people it depends on the current circumstances of life, overall health, mood, climate, relationships with others, and many other factors. Therefore, what may be perfectly normal and is physically possible for a single, abnormal and unnatural for another. The average statistics of sexual activity can not serve as an example or model targets for a healthy lifestyle. Although the statistics on this issue exists and it says that people with childhood begins to lead a healthy life full time to begin sexual life, are her intense and graduate later.

As for the high sexual activity, the more likely it really is an indicator of good sexual health. But there is rarely a consequence of, and vital problems. Sexual surfeit of people try to compensate for disharmony in other areas of life.
In turn, low sexual activity is not a sign of illness. It may well be that this is the norm of the individual. However, sexual frustration, whatever her personal or situational reasons, a sure sign of sexual ill health. If the disease is not treated, it can manifest general emotional dejection, depression and even lead to antisocial acts, including such serious as sexual assault.

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