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The main symptoms of pancreatic disease

Symptoms of the disease of the pancreas:

Pancreas – a very sensitive organ of the gastrointestinal tract and therefore the pancreas disease symptoms at the slightest irregularities in its work. Inflamed, it continues to perform the primary function – to produce enzymes to digest food, but in this case does not throw out the juice into the pancreatic duct and duodenum, and accumulates in itself, samoperevarivayas.

Since enzymes are very aggressive, and the iron has a lot of nerve endings, the first striking symptom of the disease of the pancreas will be a pain.

Pancreatitis, an inflammatory disease of the pancreas is of two forms:

  • acute,
  • chronic.

Symptoms and course of pancreatitis

  • Acute pancreatitis, depending on the severity, begins with sharp, strong, constant pain in the abdomen, especially in the left hypochondrium, extends to the back (girdle pain) – is the typical symptoms of pancreatic disease. In addition, the person concerned about nausea, repeated vomiting, not bringing relief.
  • Normally, the pancreas attack symptoms occur after ingestion of fatty foods, alcohol, or with acute exacerbation of chronic calculous cholecystitis. The disease progresses rapidly in the absence of medical care condition worsens: there is shortness of breath, blood pressure greatly reduced, tongue and the skin becomes dry, the person is restless and confused his mind – threatening condition that requires immediate hospitalization in a hospital.

In some cases, on the left side or around the navel are seen blue and yellow spots. Often there is yellowing of the skin, which is associated with the involvement of the liver disease.

  • If acute pancreatitis can pass almost unnoticed, the proceeds chronic with periods of exacerbation and remission. When the symptoms are exactly the same aggravation of the pancreas: provoked errors in nutrition, pain and girdle, but dull and aching, dyspeptic symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, alternating constipation and diarrhea. With people losing weight over time, due to a decrease in emissions reduction enzymes and food portions.

Stones in the pancreas is considered as one of the causes of the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis. They are deposited and grow both in hardware and in pancreatic ducts, as a result of infection and changes in physical and chemical composition of pancreatic juice. Suddenly closing duct lumen and raising the pressure in the gland, they cause intolerable attack. If such attacks are repeated regularly and therapeutic feeding conservative therapy does not bring the effect of surgical treatment.

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