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Trichinosis in humans: treatment of the disease

How does the disease develop?

Adult helminths can grow to a length of 4 mm. Males, often small, if you compare them with females. There are 3 phases of development of these larvae:

  • Intestinal;
  • Migration;
  • Muscular.

The life cycle of the parasite begins in the striated muscles. Next, he must enter the small intestine, so that reproduction takes place.

Note! These helminths do not lay eggs, as larvae develop directly in the genital tract of the worm. Then they hatch and exit through a characteristic tube.

Hatching larvae enter the bloodstream through which they spread throughout the body. Those who penetrate the musculature will not perish.

Further, the larvae break the integrity of the muscles, penetrate into them and form a capsule. This can happen more than one year. To become sexually mature worms, worms must be moved to the intestine. For this, a person must eat the meat of an infected animal.

When the parasite enters the gastrointestinal tract, the capsule dissolves, so it can penetrate into the intestinal mucosa. A couple of hours will pass, when the worms will be capable of fertilization, after which the death of males occurs. And females begin to give birth to new parasites. This happens throughout the month.

One such Trichinella spiral can give offspring, which is up to two thousand larvae. Then everything happens in a circle: the parasites circulate through the body and enter the muscles. Here they are covered by a capsule. The existence of worms in this form can last for 15-25 years. They systematically cause symptoms in a person that cause discomfort. To parasites begin to develop further, they must penetrate the intestine, but this can not happen. Man is the master of the helminth, from which the body systematically receives harm.

Often people think about what a trichina looks like. But it is worthwhile to understand that it parasitizes in the muscles, so a person can not visually see the larvae. Learn about their availability will only help research. To have an idea of ​​the appearance of the parasite, you can see the photo below.

It is important to know! Easy heat treatment will not destroy the larvae. They are not afraid of the cold and can stay a week at a temperature of -20 degrees, continuing their existence. Especially often there are parasites in pork. To get rid of them, you need to achieve a high temperature, which must get deep into the piece. Larvae will die exactly if you cook meat for 2.5 hours.

How does the disease develop?


In the form of an effective cure for parasites, doctors are advised to take the drug “Intoxic”. At the heart of the funds are the acting elements of exclusively natural origin, they were grown only in places with 100% pure ecology, and have a proven effect that allows them to quickly cope with any parasites. Among other things, they have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

To get infected with this helminthiosis, you need to eat the affected meat of such animals as wild boar, domestic pig, bear and others. In addition, the larvae can be in sausage or minced meat. Especially frequent infection with helminths in the autumn or winter, as at this time often hammer pigs. Often, the disease affects several members of the family at once, because they all eat together. In a short period of time the disease will manifest itself, and the first signs will appear.

How do helminths affect the human body?

Adult individuals and larvae of Trichinella harm the human body. For example, the products of vital activity of sexually mature parasites adversely affect all organs. Also poison the body helminths, which died. When they are attached to the intestinal mucosa, they damage it. Worms among people worsen the processes of metabolism, they take away useful substances that a person needs. For this reason, there is no need to postpone the trip to a doctor who will prescribe competent therapy. Otherwise, the harm caused by helminths will worsen the health of the patient.

Important! Salo will not provoke the development of the disease. But if it has meat veins, then the risk of helminth infection increases.

Symptoms of the disease

How does the disease manifest itself? The signs of trichinellosis directly depend on the stage of pathology:

Stage of invasion. It lasts for a week after the person has become infected with worms. As already mentioned, their larvae may be in pork meat. There are other sources of parasites. It can be different meat of wild animals. At this stage, the worms multiply in the intestine. The body reacts to this, provoking acute symptoms in the form of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. The patient’s appetite is gone, colic is felt.

The stage of dissemination. It begins at the moment when the larvae reach the muscles. At this point, the patient swells around the face, limbs can hurt, a rash appears, the temperature rises. If the number of pathogens Trichinella

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